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LP released by Phobiact , Blinded and In My Heart Empire Records. second press and CD version released by NNNW.


released December 12, 2009



all rights reserved


THE FIGHT Warszawa, Poland

Perfection of the West, charm of the Center and agression of the East!
Started in July 2005. Died in 2014.

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Track Name: You Call It D.I.Y
You call it D.I.Y.You call it d.i.y. and I call it crap. Next empty word, nothing’s behind that. You call it d.i.y. and I call it shit. Another empty word, nothing stands behind it.
Competition! Punk rock stars! Mainstream tactics! Gossip and lies!
Track Name: Social Bomb
What you don’t see does not exist. That’s the old leaders’ truth. So let’s hide all we don’t need, all that seems not so good. Loosers, beggers. Poor and homeless. People of colour, people of crime. Youth with broken lives. If we find the hardest metal for our bars – modern locks, modern keys – we’ll be one step from paradise. This one step is our consciousness.
So let’s try to dig it from the bottom of our hearts. They are already rotten and black, rotten and black, rotten and black! Nuclear bomb is nothing compared to the social bomb. We rise in ghettos, we rise in prisons! It will blow our heads off.
Track Name: Time To Fight
It seems like the history repeats itself. Murders, deaths, threats – all happening again. Stabbed in the back. Shot from behind. When their hunt is on it’s time to fight!
With browns hunting our heads and lunatics on patrol, they already got my friends. Now they’re waiting at my door! When blue men pull the triggers many times too much then this is just the local effect of a system built on a crutch. As the scum appears on the streets marching with their flags, they kill people that’s what we know. Those are the bloody facts.
But we will not stay silent! We will not stay calm! We will not stay silent! It’s the last try! It’s the last light! The last moment! It’s time to fight!
Track Name: New Woman
Can’t find myself in those sick dychotomies. Holy Mary or hot bitch. Holy Mary or hot bitch!
Well, I have a choice to be a young mother, pure virgin. 25 years old with 20 years work experience.Young buisnesswoman raising kids with christian devotion. Push me, push me, push me even more to the border where I loose mental control!
New definition of woman, I throw up with, is just double standards to fulfill! New definition of woman I throw up with. Just new responsibilities to fulfill.
Track Name: Bolivia
I still don’t know if it’s a good way. Mum misbehaved, that’s what they say. They take the dog, they take their toys but do they really have a choice?
After school they walk alone, behind the bars, there’s their home. Bars or school, that’s not a choice. Does anybody hear children’s voice? They come and go, outside is fun. They go and come, inside is mum. After school they walk alone, behind the bars, there’s their home.
Still don’t know, I still don’t know! I still don’t know if it’s a good way. Mum misbehaved, that’s what they say.
Track Name: Books
Why don’t you go read, for a change. Instead of watching youtube news. I bet that you can make a better use of your brain.
Tv’s like a chain. Tv’s like a drug, it will suck your brain away. White pages are calling me. Black letters, I know, they can set me free.
Books fuel the fire that burns inside me. They give me hope when I need it so much. They are the goldmines of ideas, I can not wait to try out!
Rather see them burned, devaured by flames, then covered with dust, on your fuckin shelves. Cause books should either be burned or set hearts aflame!
Track Name: Mr.President
Mr. President I hate you. Mr. Prime Minister I do hate you too. Gotta admit I’ve got a secret plan: I want to bite off your hand!
You said you’d feed the countries in need. You said you’d feed but I don’t feel it.
So now’s your chance, we’ll bite off your hands, cut them in pieces, serve them with spices!
Head of state should appear on my plate. Fresh blood I’ll drink it from your butt now! There’s no nutrition in politician! No daily values in all of you!
Track Name: Can't look at your plate
Can’t look, can’t look! Can’t look at your plate!
My dearest wife here comes a romantic dinner. To celebrate my love I serve you this baked duck. True love deserves that.
Can’t look at your plate! My dearest son here comes the soup for you, boiled on a piece of meat. Just a little piece of meat.
My soup won’t be a cemetery. My plate won’t be a coffin and you will not get with dead bodies to my heart!
Can’t look, can’t look, can’t look! Can’t look at your plate!
Track Name: Maldicion
They live by the lake of oil. They live on the mountain of gold. They live on fertile land with beautiful landscapes sold. But all who envy them don’t know about their pain.
The world below their feet is their curse, is their anathema. There’s bare ground and piles of stone where onceonce was my home. But all who envy them don’t know about their pain.
We suck them, we drain them, we are their curse! We suck them, we drain them, we are their curse! We suck them, exploit them, we are their curse!
Track Name: War
I hate war, but even more I hate your clenched fists, you use to solve the problems, that you can not deal with as a human. Not as a man. Cause it’s so male you tell me “We are men, we have to deal with it our own way”. There’s not much difference between you and the hated soldier on your tshirt except the fact, that he obeys orders and you – you order yourself. War!
You have war on your hands. When you have blood on your hands then you have war on your hands
Track Name: Lost
We give you freedom of speech and choice. No gods, no masters will bother you anymore.
But only if you are free as we want you to be.
If anarchists rule the world, then it means we have fuckin lost.
Track Name: Second Life
You escape from the limits of this world into another limited world. Heartbroken and lonely, you’re torn between the land of real walls and the land of fake gates.
With your vestigial feet still on the ground and with your head high in the clouds, you’re trying to feed your kiss thirsty lips with constantly changing images.
Your view has been broadened. Your scope got reduced. You’ve seen it all but you didn’t move. You walked virtual miles but you did not advance. You’ve been climbing the stairs of a never build house.
You got caught in the web. You’ve been buried alive. You abandon ship when there’s still hope, that we make a liveable place of this world!